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WiFi service in a Hotel, or in hospitality facilities in general, is a service which should be provided guaranteeing high standards of reliability and assistance, since wireless connectivity in Hotels has now become a widely used internet access tool for business and tourist users alike, particularly those from abroad. Carrier grade standards are, therefore, required.
For this reason, irrespective of how WiFi access is provided, all Guglielmo solutions designed for the Hospitality market, make provision for a variety of additional services in terms of management and assistance:

  • Network Operation Center for remote devices management
  • Access statistics reports
  • 24-hour multilingual users Help Desk
  • User's bandwidth management
  • User's Bandwidth optimization
  • Free access management
  • Charged premium profiles management
  • Meeting and event management
  • Business Intelligence services
  • Internet of things applications

WEB Gateway

The WEB Gateway application deals with communication between Guglielmo's Accounting Lumen system and the management software of the Hotel which wishes to benefit from Guglielmo's exclusive access policy.
Without having to deal directly with the management of the service, each Hotel will be able to provide Wi-Fi access, offering its customers the possibility to purchase autonomously, from their own PC/Tablet/Smartphone and charge the relative cost to the Hotel check-out bill.

Guglielmo :: Applicazione WEB Gateway Guglielmo

HoteLight, the Cloud solution for your hotel
HotelLight is the in cloud solution that allows you to erase all the paper support, thanks to a web page that allows you to register your guest in a fast and easy way and finally you can print the registered crendentials directly from a private printer. Each hotels can customize their own registration web page by choosing different products and they can choose their commercial politics in full freedom.
HoteLight includes the innovative QR code based authentication system for mobile devices.

Hotelight solution guide