May 10, 2007
Urba.Net - provides wireless internet connection, free of charge, for the citizens thanks to the Lumen™ system by Guglielmo

From now on it will be possible surfing the net, comfortably layed on the grass in Parco Ducale or sitted on a bench in via Cavour.

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This thanks to the UrbaNet project, promoted by the councillorship to the Technological Innovation of Parma Town Hall and implemented from Albacom Amps and Guglielmo, concerning the creation of a wireless net on the municipal territory.

UrbaNet was already a reality for turist that could reach useful information in real time using a Palm device wireless connected to the network.

Now the project extend itself and thanks to the Lumen System by Guglielmo, gives the citizens the opportunity to connect to the web in certain areas of the historical part of the city. But the goal is to reach every corner of the town.

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How does it work?
Beginning from 16th of May it will be possible to receive from IAT (Information Tourist Office) and to the Informagiovani in via Melloni a card that allows to access to the service. The card contains a username and a password that will be asked to the user at the browser activation. In order to receive tha card, citizens must enroll showing a valid identification document and filling in a form. From June the first it will be possible to ask the card also in piazza Garibaldi at the Citizens Service Centre.

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The wireless internet connection service will be available in following areas:
piazza Garibaldi,
via Repubblica di fronte al palazzo Pigorini,
piazza Duomo,
via Cavour,
Teatro Regio,
piazzale Salvo D'Acquisto,
Casa della Musica,
parco Ducale vicino al palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale,
via Melloni,
piazzale della Pace e la zona della Pilotta

The service will be free of charge until december the 31th 2007.

For any further information about this service contact us.