• LUMEN™ module: provides extremely flexible hotspot management services, such as user authentication and policy enforcement.
  • Caligoo™ Module: manages Business Intelligence and network control services, low level with mobile Apps or external services, for advanced services, such as automatic login procedures, notification management and network control.

Main features

  • VPN to the Guglielmo’s Cloud
  • Full support for connectivity to user devices over Layer 2 networks (switched)
  • Radius Client
  • Complete AAA management (Authorization, Authentication and Accounting)
  • DHCP Server, DHCP Client
  • NAT (PAT)
  • Support for VLANs and IEEE 802.1q trunks
  • Redirecting to a custom login page
  • Management and authentication traffic over HTTPS protocol with a valid SSL certificate (not auto generated)
  • White list: list of URLs, IP or subnet infections reachable before authentication, dynamically updated
  • Black list: list of URLs or IP addresses that cannot be reached, dynamically updated
  • Redirection after authentication to the requested website or another website with configurable URL
  • Integrated and configurable firewall
  • Bandwidth limitation per user
  • Possibility to apply content filtering
  • Configurable traffic shaping
  • Upgrade of the centralized firmware in the Guglielmo platform
  • Passwordless authentication
  • Multiple WiFi SSIDs with/without WPA2
  • Three different network configurations: LAN+WiFi, Bridge, Bridge+WiFi
  • Selfie
  • Simple wizard for configuration
  • Analytics (Network Intelligence, DNSense, Presence)
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