The GL200 is a network gateway developed to implement the characteristics of the centralized authentication system LUMEN™ by Guglielmo on urban or densely populated areas.

The GL200 can be used to authenticate any device that has a LUMEN™ by Guglielmo account and also has a sophisticated encryption system, based on the use of VPN, SSL and RADIUS, which guarantees the security of each individual connection, in accordance with WISPr recommendations.

The GL200 can handle thousand simultaneous access requests, which can be expanded in clusters in a high availability configuration.

Main features

  • Radius client
  • DHCP Server, DHCP Client, DHCP Relay
  • NAT (PAT) on LAN and WiFi interface
  • Support Static Routes
  • Support n.6 VLAN according to IEEE 802.1q standard
  • Complete management AAA (Authorization, Authentication and Accounting)
  • Automatic redirection of users to https multilingual authentication page with validated SSL certificate (not auto-generated)
  • Web portal involved in customizable authentication procedures
  • Device authentication on MAC address basis on centralized remote system
  • Device authentication using internal local database
  • Creation of VPN tunnels with the centralized platform for service traffic: authentication, monitoring and management
  • White List: list of hosts that can be reached without authentication, defined as URL, IP address or subnet
  • Black List: Unreachable host list, defined as URL or IP address. Potentially different for each point, it is updated automatically and dynamically in a centralized way
  • Local internal list of Banned devices, not authorized to navigate
  • Re-address after authentication to the originally requested site or to another site with configurable URL
  • Bandwidth limitation per user
  • Configurable integrated firewall
  • Accessibility from the centralized platform via Web and SSH, through VPN tunnels
  • SNMP support
  • Integrated HTTP proxy
  • Content filtering
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