The GL500V is the virtual version of a network gateway developed to implement the characteristics of the Guglielmo platform and can be fully integrated into existing data centers.

It is based on VMware ESX 5.5, relies on computing resources from the hypervisor, implementing an extremely scalable approach to access management.

The GL500V activates a secure connection to the Guglielmo Cloud and implements various functions related to AAA (Authorization, Authentication and Accounting) procedures, data collection and IoT services. Leveraging the resources of the GL500V, Guglielmo’s Lumen platform is able to provide innovative and advanced services, allowing the hotspot network to become a platform for a new generation of applications.


On board the GL500V there are four modules that interact with each other and with the centralized platform Guglielmo to provide services with high added value.

  • LUMEN™ Module: provides extremely flexible hotspot management services, such as user authentication and policy enforcement.
  • Caligoo™ Module: manages services for Business Intelligence and network control, low-level with mobile Apps or external services, for advanced services, such as automatic login procedures, notification management and network control.
  • IoT Hub Module: manages connectivity for sensors and actuators, discovery of IoT resources, and local network posting of available services.
  • Fog Computing Module: the GL500V provides and controls locally dedicated network, computational, and memory resources while also implementing and supporting a dedicated Linux Container or virtualization platform. This possibility allows to host on the node third party applications and virtual machines that can take advantage of local access to resources such as Proxy, VPN terminators, Wireless Lan Controllers.

Main features

  • Simultaneous users connected virtually unlimited
  • Expandable cluster with load balancing, fault tolerance or high availability configuration
  • VPN to the Guglielmo’s Cloud
  • Full support for connectivity to user devices on Layer 2 (switched) or Layer 3 (routed) networks
  • Radius Client
  • Complete AAA management (Authorization, Authentication and Accounting)
  • DHCP Server, DHCP Client, DHCP Relay
  • NAT (PAT)
  • Static route support
  • Support for VLANs and IEEE 802.1q trunks
  • Redirecting to a custom login page
  • Management and authentication traffic over https protocol with a valid SSL certificate (not auto generated)
  • White list: list of URLs, IP or subnet infections reachable before authentication, dynamically updated
  • Black list: list of URLs or IP addresses that cannot be reached, dynamically updated
  • Internal list of devices that are blocked, not authorised for navigation
  • Redirection after authentication to the requested website or another website with configurable URL
  • Bandwidth limitation per user
  • Configurable integrated firewall
  • Possibility to apply content filtering
  • Configurable traffic shaping
  • Upgrade of the centralized firmware in the Guglielmo platform
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