LUMEN™ (Limitless Users Management Engine) is the platform developed by Guglielmo for the management of geographic or large WiFi networks

Guglielemo’s Wireless Gateway GL Series allows you to have computational capacity in the periphery of the network and thus manage the authentication of any authorized device

WiFi service for small HotSpots such as bars, restaurants, waiting rooms and recreational clubs, Wi-Thing is the social WiFi by definition thanks to internet access through the user’s favorite social network

The simplicity of a unique code combined with the security of a Guglielmo authentication system make Key&GO one of the ideal solutions for all owners of businesses and accommodation facilities

Caligoo is the revolutionary Customer Experience Platform for data activation about the physical and digital experience of people


With ICEPRO, protect your loved ones. The new device for sharing information, designed for the safety and well-being of sportsmen, the elderly, children and pets


Coming soon


Redesign your working space experience, for employees and visitors, all in one platform.

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