2004 – 2024: twenty years of Guglielmo

Guglielmo was born in 2004, creating the premises for what is now a concrete reality. We are talking about an international hub that includes five companies, 40 professionals and plays an important role as a technological provider. With numerous patents and academic collaborations, innovation is a key element that goes hand in hand with commitment to the local community through social and cultural initiatives.

20 years ago, the beginning: zero capital and zero customers

Zero capital and zero customers. In Guglielmo’s entrepreneurial journey, the first years were a continuous and extremely arduous challenge. However, what could have been an insurmountable obstacle turned out to be only fertile ground for developing the experience that is the common thread that has reached us today, twenty years later.

“Like all entrepreneurial stories that have gone beyond the embryonic state, we managed to transform the lack of resources into an opportunity” explains Giovanni Guerri, President by Guglielmo. “We have thus demonstrated that, with talent and tenacity, a vision can be realized.”

The initial conditions were not a limitation, but rather the springboard for concrete and lasting growth.

20 years later, the results: the current team, the technology hub, the ambition beyond the border

In 2004 Guglielmo had only three partners, technical skills and, above all, many ideas. “In 2004 the idea of ​​mobile internet access was something not yet well defined in terms of possibilities, but extremely palpable as a need. For this reason we decided to invest in wireless technologies.”

After two decades, this vision is reality. The company has grown to employ over 40 professionals, with steady growth over time. From a start up, Guglielmo has transformed into a real technological hub, integrating various companies within it.

In the last 10 years, Guglielmo has decided to focus on internationalization and has expanded its presence beyond borders, including the United States and Eastern Europe. This approach has helped consolidate its position as a relevant player in the technology landscape and make it one of the leading technology providers. The role was then consolidated also thanks to the presence within the Wireless Broadband Alliance, l the global body that guides and supports the development of WiFi networks, as the official Identity Provider of OpenRoaming.

Today Guglielmo is a group that manages various activities in various business areas. There is Kymata, specialized in WiFi coverage systems for industry and logistics. Then there are Pointer Platform, focused on the customer experience of users of online services, and Smart Locker, which provides parcel lockers for intelligent parcel management. The group has a commercial office in the United States and a technological support office in Albania.

Guerri states that “this diversification is a result of the growth in the number of team members and their skills. This allows activities of increasingly broader scope and allows the company to adapt to continuous changes in the market.”

Between innovation and presence in the area, a commitment that continues

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