Cashback and WIFI as a Service – the new WiFi solution for hotels that reduces the investment and improves the service

Reliable WiFi service is critical to customer satisfaction in any hospitality facility today. The synergy between Guglielmo, Cambium Networks and Wifirst has given life to a SaaS model with cashback that reduces investment costs and ensures a connectivity service suited to the needs of the most demanding guests.


Reggio Emilia, 18 September – A fast, secure and reliable WiFi service within hotels and other accommodation facilities plays a crucial role in customer satisfaction and contributes significantly to their reputation. Supporting data and research have existed for some time, from those of TripAdvisor, according to which 53% of travelers avoid a structure with negative reviews on the internet connection, to a study by Nielsen, for which business travelers consider free and reliable WiFi a crucial factor in choosing the hotel.


It is business guests in particular who depend on solid and secure connectivity for any aspect of their work and, therefore, at every moment of their stay at the facility. But this can now be said for every user. Simply put, customers expect an online experience without unpleasant surprises.


“Unfortunately – states Giovanni Guerri, President of Guglielmo – many hospitality structures hesitate in facing the technological investment required for a high quality WiFi service. The implementation and maintenance of advanced networks can be really expensive.” But neglecting this aspect inevitably leads to customer dissatisfaction and the loss of business opportunities.


And here the synergy between Guglielmo, Cambium Networks and Wifirst comes into play, bringing to the market a completely new model of offering the WiFi service dedicated to hotel facilities.


To reduce the burden of technological investment that discourages entrepreneurs and managers, Guglielmo and his partners will offer a WiFi supply service on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model with the possibility of receiving cashback. This means that the facilities will be able to guarantee a continuous, safe and reliable WiFi service to their customers by paying a simple annual fee and, at the same time, will benefit from a discount on the subsequent fee proportional to the use that customers will make of the connectivity.


“The collaboration between Guglielmo, Cambium Networks and Wifirst represents a significant step in our commitment to improve connectivity in the world of hospitality. This initiative combines our experience in network service management and development of software, the technology of Cambium Networks and the strength of the Wifirst commercial network to offer hotel facilities a cutting-edge proposal and a WiFi service suited to the needs of today’s customers”, says Simona Mazzoni, Commercial Director of Guglielmo. “Not least, this synergy means for the operator the support of selected and highly qualified partners, as in the case of Guglielmo, and a single interlocutor for the offer, the technological infrastructure and the maintenance of the network.


Guglielmo will officially present the new service at the 10th Hospitality Day in Rimini, which will be held on 10 October, a key event for the sector. Its is an innovative WiFi solution, which promises to change the technological landscape of hotel facilities and which will certainly be appreciated by those who work in the sector.

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