Enel chooses Guglielmo to optimize the customer experience in stores throughout Italy

When an energy industry giant chooses to invest in customer experience quality, it seeks technological innovation, reliability, and expertise. Ideally, all within the same partner. This is the case with Enel, an Italian multinational company among the leading global players in the energy sector, and Guglielmo, whose collaboration began in 2023 after a targeted tender for the creation of WiFi networks inside the brand’s stores across the national territory.


“Even though we are accustomed to working with large companies, the experience with Enel is proving to be unique because, despite its massive size and very complex and ambitious procedures, the path to success has been very clear from the beginning of the project,” says Giovanni Guerri, CEO and founder of Guglielmo. The goal is, in fact, simple to state: to offer customers entering Enel stores a highly personalized customer experience, with pages, services, the sending of communications, and notifications on digital channels in line with individual consumption profiles and needs.


Optimizing customer experience is certainly not a new and debated topic in all business domains, but it is evidently complex in practice and therefore challenging to achieve. Gartner’s data indicate that 63% of digital marketing companies still have difficulties in offering tailored experiences to their customers, against 67% of consumers who desire to receive personalized offers both online and in physical stores (data: Adobe Commerce).


With the implementation of this project, in full respect of consumer privacy, Enel will be able to collect data regarding the online behavior of its customers useful to better understand their needs. “Using WiFi in a public space to gather customer information is a relatively common practice; therefore, the opportunity to develop such a system for a partner like Enel offers us the chance to share a project of particular credibility and professionalism,” says Guerri. One of the values that has distinguished Guglielmo for years is attention to the proper handling of personal data, an element that certainly served as a competitive advantage during the selection process by Enel.


In the coming months, thanks to Guglielmo’s behind-the-scenes work, those entering an Enel store will finally be able to experience a highly personalized service, optimized based on their characteristics and consumption habits.

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