Guglielmo S.r.l. has officially become an OpenRoaming Identity Provider (IDP).

During the last WGC EMEA 2023 of Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) held in October in Paris, Guglielmo S.r.l. announced that it has officially become an OpenRoamingĀ® Identity Provider (IDP).


By accessing the OpenRoamingĀ® registration page, it is now possible to create an OpenRoamingĀ® Guglielmo profile with which to access all OpenRoamingĀ® WiFi networks worldwide.


Guglielmo is at the forefront of connectivity innovation, with our OpenRoamingĀ® profiles now seamlessly integrating with the worldā€™s leading operating systems. This includes full compatibility with Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows 10/11. This breakthrough ensures that regardless of the device or platform you use, you’ll have unfettered access to reliable, high-speed OpenRoamingĀ® Wi-Fi, making your digital experience smoother than ever before.


For a long time, we have been aware of the limitations of access to public Wi-Fi networks in terms of user experience and security. The technologies introduced in the early 2000s were designed for devices and needs that were fundamentally different,” says Giovanni Guerri, CEO of Guglielmo. “Only recently the standardization bodies have identified rules and protocols that can effectively align Wi-Fi access with user expectations. It’s a small but significant revolution that we have approached with great enthusiasm, and we are confident that it will pave the way for a new future for Wi-Fi worldwide.


Guglielmo is revolutionizing WiFi access with the integration of Passpoint and OpenRoamingĀ® technologies. This groundbreaking move ensures a seamless and secure connection experience, leveraging the latest advancements now common in PCs and smartphones.


For our corporate clients, Guglielmo takes the lead in transforming their WiFi networks to be OpenRoamingĀ® compatible. We handle everything from network configurations to user identity management, operating as a top-notch Identity Provider (IdP) as a service.


Our business clients can now offer a tailored and frictionless onboarding experience to their users. Whether itā€™s through our mobile SDK or a registration portal accessible via web, QR Code, or captive portal, the process is streamlined and user-friendly. Post onboarding, users enjoy uninterrupted Wi-Fi service without the need to re-select networks or re-register at each new location.


OpenRoamingĀ® also breathes new life into roaming. Network operators have the flexibility to decide whether to offer free Wi-Fi access to users from other networks or to implement a transparent navigation fee.


With this innovative development, Guglielmo is redefining public WiFi service, aligning it with the evolving needs of mobile connectivity and the advancements of 5G cellular networks. Experience the future of hassle-free, secure, and continuous WiFi access with Guglielmo.

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