Hotel Posta: here, 500 years of history coexist with future technology.

With the technological project of Hotel Posta, the oldest in Italy with over 500 years of history in the hospitality sector, Guglielmo has successfully completed the restructuring of the network infrastructure to provide the best digital experience to its guests.

An iconic structure in the heart of the historic center of Reggio Emilia, with a staggering half-millennium history in hospitality, Hotel Posta has entrusted its technological needs to the expertise of Guglielmo.

Located in the heart of the historic center of Reggio Emilia, Hotel Posta, originally built in 1280 as the Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo, emerged as an inn in the distant year of 1515 through the efforts of a local family. The medieval palace, with its 38 rooms, has been an integral part of the French chain Les Collectioneurs since 2011.

In recent months, the hotel management’s vision has been clear: to bring advanced connectivity services to every corner of the property, ensuring a high-quality digital experience for both guests and management. This ambitious goal necessitated a complete overhaul of the network infrastructure to provide stable and secure WiFi coverage not only in the rooms but also in meeting rooms and common areas such as the reception, gym, and restaurant.

To realize the project, Hotel Posta chose Guglielmo, leveraging its extensive experience and technological expertise that have solidified its reputation both locally and beyond.

Mauro Bodini, CRO of Guglielmo, explains: “The facility required a wireless network that could meet the needs of an international clientele. We completely renovated the old infrastructure by installing TP-Link Omada Access Points with WiFi 6 technology, ensuring not only excellent radio coverage but also an elegant aesthetic, suitable for the sophistication of the historic building of Hotel Posta. The Omada Controller also allows us to have full control over all network devices, from switches to EAPs, even remotely.”

In more detail, the Guglielmo team decided to implement the WiFi 6 solutions from TP-Link professional Omada series by installing 23 WiFi 6 EAP653 access points to ensure robust wireless coverage in every area of the hotel. This infrastructure was further supported by managed switch Omada TL-SG2428P with PoE support. The entire system is centrally and remotely managed through the Hardware Controller Hybrid-Cloud Omada OC300.

Thanks to this partnership with Guglielmo, Hotel Posta is now capable of providing its guests with an unparalleled digital experience, combining the historical charm of the building with the latest technological comforts. Once again, Guglielmo demonstrates exceptional technological expertise in making a radical technological transformation possible.

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