Smart Locker Provides Advanced Parcel Locker Solutions to the New Merlata Bloom Shopping Center to Optimize Shopping Experience

November 15, 2023 – Smart Locker, a leading company in delivery management technology, enthusiastically announced the provision of five parcel lockers to the Merlata Bloom Shopping Center. This strategic partnership aims to enhance and streamline the shopping experience for customers within the center.


The new parcel lockers offer Merlata Bloom Shopping Center customers the option to leave their purchases inside the center, ensuring a secure and convenient delivery upon exit. This innovative solution allows customers to retrieve their purchased items through the dedicated Mobile App of the shopping center, providing an unparalleled experience in terms of convenience and security.


“Our collaboration with the Merlata Bloom Shopping Center reflects Smart Locker’s commitment to continuously improving consumer shopping experiences through cutting-edge technological solutions,” stated Cesare Calvi, CEO of Smart Locker. “Our parcel lockers offer a convenient and secure way to manage customer purchases, reducing wait times and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.”


Strategically located within the Merlata Bloom Shopping Center, the parcel lockers enable customers to securely deposit their purchases while continuing to enjoy all activities offered by the center. Through the shopping center’s Mobile App, customers can easily unlock the corresponding locker for their purchase and retrieve packages at any time.


The Merlata Bloom Shopping Center is excited about this collaboration with Smart Locker and is committed to providing its customers with an unprecedented shopping experience through this innovative delivery solution.


For further information about Smart Locker and its exclusive parcel locker solutions, please visit the official website at


About Smart Locker: Smart Locker is a Guglielmo Srl group company specializing in the development of advanced solutions for managing deliveries of products purchased online and offline. With a wide range of innovative products, Smart Locker is dedicated to making parcel delivery and receipt more secure, convenient, and efficient for both retailers and consumers.


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